Vision Report 2022

Could anyone have predicted the journey our church has been on over the past couple of years? God has been so very kind and faithful to us as we have tried our best to navigate it all with a consistent focus on Reach, Teach, and Release!

As we moved through 2020 – 2021, we worked to grow our church out of a pandemic and we started thinking like a new church plant again by utilizing our staff and World Changer teams to serve faithfully, stewarding well, and investing in those who attend NewHope Church whether in person on online. Last year over 65,800 hours were logged from those watching online and our commitment to you in the next year is to bring a laser focus to growing our church community and providing the church experience so many are craving in today’s world.

You can help us make that happen! Please take a moment and watch the Vision Report video above and scroll through the details below! I believe you will be encouraged and inspired to partner with God and NewHope to make this world a better place in 2022 and beyond!

Thank you for being a part of our church family. May God bless you and our church, as we give Him all the glory for what He has done and will continue to do in the days ahead!

Because of Jesus,



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Chris' Story

I began serving with the First Contact team in the spring of 2021 and quickly fell in love with it. Since that time, I’ve had the privilege to begin co-leading our Greeter team and work more closely with every member of First Contact. It is amazing to see the joy of God in each one of them and the way that they serve His Kingdom. You quickly come to realize that we are not just opening doors and saying hello solely to be polite, but that we have the honor and privilege to demonstrate and be the first impression of God's love, the joy of salvation, and the community of Believers that are present as soon as you walk in our doors. It isn’t possible to know the story of every person who walks in, but what we know for sure is the hope and love of Christ that awaits, and it is an absolute blessing to be a part of this every Sunday.

When you pull out of the parking lot at NewHope, the last thing you will see are signs that read “Now Entering the Mission Field.” I love seeing this, as it is a reminder that as we leave on Sunday, our work and influence extends well outside of the building. Recently, I was reminded of this in a simple yet impactful way. I had pulled into Chick-fil-A for an early morning cup of coffee as I rushed to get my day started. The gentlemen taking my order immediately asked, “You work with the team at NewHope, right?” He knew me by name and mentioned always seeing me in the rotunda before services. It was a blessing to see how our service on the First Contact team doesn’t end at the doors, but extends well past. Seeing the joy of God in people’s lives and the passion with which they serve Him is remembered and felt by people. It is why I am so thankful for the opportunity and privilege to serve alongside such an amazing group of World Changers every Sunday at NewHope, and be a part of the team as we further our mission to Reach, Teach, and Release.

- Chris Garrett, World Changer



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Robin's Story

Since I've been involved and serving in NH Kids/hopetown, I've done a little of just about everything. When I first started, I was a Greeter and a LifeGroup leader. For a while, I was on the supplies team. I've taught every grade, I think. I've served in the nursery, and even been an Area Lead (I can't remember the exact title, but it was something like that.) No matter what contribution I may have made however, I feel like I have received much more than I have given. God has worked powerfully through both the ministry and kids to grow me spiritually and to develop the fruits of the spirit within me. As I was growing up, people used to always tell me I should be a teacher, to which I always protested, “Absolutely not!” I always declared that I would never be a teacher and never, never work with kids! Now, after about 22 years total of being a “teacher” and working with kids, I'm more passionate about it than ever. I absolutely believe that I am doing the most important and meaningful thing I could possibly be doing. God took the very things I most resisted and turned them into the things I'm most passionate about. Never tell God what you won't do.

Each week, as I connect with the amazing people who serve in NH Kids, I find myself learning and growing and becoming even more inspired. I marvel at the Youth Leaders, who are so mature and bring such a joy to their service. The adults who serve who don't have children of their own are a constant source of wonder to me because I feel like their motivations are completely selfless. And the parents who serve are carving time from their crazy-busy lives to sacrificially give to God, the kids, and their families.

Regardless of leadership changes, volunteer shortages, or any other difficulties, I've always felt like NewHope has made it easy to serve. There has never been a time when I felt like the Children's Ministry was unimportant or an afterthought. There's always been an effort to care for and show appreciation for the World Changers, and we have been blessed with many talented and intelligent leaders.

- Robin Lindblad, World Changer



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Lyneka's Story

When God plants a seed, you do not need to question IF it will grow, you just have to be faithful and wait on His timing of WHEN it will grow. Rewind to 12 years ago, God planted a seed in me that one day I would be leading a small group for single moms. I was a single mom at the time and it was HARD. I felt alone. I struggled, and I remember just wishing I had a support group.

Fast forward to 2015, my husband (at the time) and I joined NewHope Church. We knew immediately it would be our church home. We worked to get involved and decided to join the Missions Team. As the pandemic began, unfortunately my marriage ended and I found myself back in the position of being a single mother, except this time it was with three kids. Like others, I reflected and asked God why was I in this situation and how could I be used? The next day we had a Missions Team meeting where I learned about an underserved Durham school that had a very high percentage of single mothers. I heard God's voice loud and clear say, "Now is the time." And so, I pitched the idea about having a support group for single mothers where we would focus on increasing their confidence and elevating their careers to feel empowered to lead their homes; with that, Move Moms Ahead was born.

Extending this opportunity to Fayetteville Elementary School to serve the single moms has been so rewarding. When you elevate the parent, the child is elevated too making the reward double fold. I feel incredibly blessed to work with NewHope leaders that are supportive, a school that welcomes us to make a positive impact in the lives of the families they serve, and to be the one God is using to serve them.

- Lyneka Judkins, World Changer

Financial Summary

2021 continued to challenge the global church in so many ways yet through your faithfulness and generosity, NewHope Church was able to meet planned income and expense targets.

Our mission to REACH people with the hope of Jesus, TEACH them to follow God’s word and to RELEASE World Changers is amplified by your service and commitment to the ministry of NewHope Church and we are thankful for you.

In 2021, you gave $6.9M compared to our plan of $6.7M or 103% of plan. The church continued to monitor expenses closely as we moved through the year. Expenses also came in under plan at $6.0M compared to our plan of $6.7M or 10.5% under plan. As we worked through COVID and post COVID effects on our ministry, we worked hard to ensure your generosity, coupled with sound stewardship shaped a pathway to our future. See below for some additional financial information.

Thank you for taking time to review the full Vision Report, to see what God has done in and through the mission and ministry of NewHope Church.

Patrick Weber
Director of Finance and HR